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Monday, June 24th through Friday, June 28th – 9am until 12pm (noon)

At Golf with Scott, we believe that golf is not only a game but also a fantastic opportunity for children to develop lifelong skills while having an incredible summer experience. Our carefully designed summer golf camps provide a safe and nurturing environment for kids to learn and improve their golfing abilities, make new friends, and create lasting memories. Before booking, please read the FAQ below.

**Q: Is it necessary for my child to have their own set of golf clubs?**
A: No, it’s not required for your child to have their own golf clubs.

**Q: Does my child need prior experience in golf to join?**
A: No, previous golf experience is not a prerequisite for our camp.

**Q: What should my child wear to the camp?**
A: We recommend sports attire suitable for the weather. Mornings can be cool, but temperatures typically rise as the day progresses.

**Q: Will water be available for the children?**
A: Absolutely, we provide water access throughout the camp at all times. We prioritize keeping the children hydrated.

**Q: Do you provide a full-day camp option?**
A: Currently, we only offer part-day sessions. However, we are open to considering a full-day option if there’s sufficient interest.

**Q: How many kids will be at the camp?**
A: We estimate that there will be approximately 20 kids at the camp. Our goal is to implement a 1:10 coach/player ratio.


June 2024

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